University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) was established at University of Kashmir in 1979 with initial support from University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.  The Centre has been set up to support instrumentation facility with the following major objectives:

I.     To house high-end research instruments and provide instrumentation facility on specialized instruments to the internal and external faculty/scholars/students.

II.     To collaborate in teaching & research programmes of various courses related to Instrumentation being run in various Departments of University of Kashmir.

III.    To undertake and encourage research in instrumentation and to offer Degree and Diploma courses in the field of Instrumentation.

IV.    To act as an agency of University in matters of purchase and maintenance of the Instruments.

V.     To design and fabricate instruments and/or accessories as required by ongoing Research Programmes/Projects in various University Departments and R & D Institutions of the State.

VI.    To conduct short-term courses in repairs, maintenance and proper use of instruments.


In order to meet the said objectives, USIC undertakes various jobs under the following Sections:

 I.         Analytical Instrumentation Section;

 II.        Electronic & Electrical Equipment Maintenance Section;

III.        Technology Incubation Section.

IV.         Bio-Medical Instrumentation Section ;                      

V.          Computer Maintenance Section;                               

VI.         Mechanical Section;

VII.        Carpentry Section;

VIII.       Xerox Maintenance Section;

IX.         Documentation Section;


Major Equipment at USIC 

a)       Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)                                   

b)       Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)                       

c)       Ion Chromatograph (IC)                                                         

d)      Vacuum Evaporator and Critical Point Dryer                        

e)      Ultracentrifuge                                                                      

f)       UV-Vis Spectrophotometer                                                    

g)      Trinocular Microscope                                                          

h)      De-Ionized Water Purification System                                  

i)      PCB Design Machine                                                             

j)      USG Trainer-cum-Machine                                                    

k)     Spectrum Analyzer                                                                 

l)     30 KVA Servo Stabilizer                                                          

m)   UPS 20 KVA and UPS 10KVA